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Timesheet Submission

Capita has introduced an electronic timesheet system to replace our current paper timesheets. Many of our candidates have suffered with timesheet and payment issues due to postal delays.

Using e-timesheets as opposed to paper offers a number of benefits,       including:

  • No more postal delays / lost post;
  • Negates the problem of you forgetting to get your timesheet signed at the end of the day or there being no-one around to sign it;
  • Automatic reminders via email and SMS;
  • You can see for yourself that your e-timesheet has been approved before you get paid;
  • Less to enter on the e-timesheet – most information is pre-populated;
  • No more stamps and envelopes to remember to buy;
  • You don’t risk missing the payroll deadline if you don’t post to us on Friday;
  • Your Capita work history all in one place with details of when and where you have worked with us;
  • Totally secure and easy to use;
  • Negates the risk of illegible timesheets delaying payment;
  • No more running out of timesheets;
  • A reduced carbon footprint for all parties.

Click here for guidance on how to complete and submit an electronic timesheet.